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Each question in an OpenEd assessment has an instructional resource attached to it that is hand-picked to target that exact learning objective. Students take quizzes, then play videos/games to address knowledge gaps whenever they miss a question!  Learn more or try it out for yourself!

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Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Kindles, laptops, desktops- if you use it, we support it. We even support single signon for Chromebooks.

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The best educational resources on the web, all in one place. OpenEd's assessments, videos, games, and homework are accurately aligned to standards and sorted by their proven efficacy.  See more!

Use OpenEd resources seamlessly in most leading educational apps! If you are a developer who wants the magic of assessment driven instruction in your app, talk to us and we will get you set up! Learn more here.

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As part of ACT, OpenEd provides students and teachers with resources to improve their skills and scores for the PreACT or ACT! Receive personalized resources based on your score and then watch videos and games to help address knowledge gaps! You'll even find short practice quizzes from past ACT exams.

Click here for ACT practice
Click here for ACT practice