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"OpenEd makes it easy to differentiate instruction. It also fills in the gaps where the district may not be able to afford resources. I can easily search for all the tools I need to meet the Common Core Standards, and my students are engaged in learning this way."

- Brooke Johnston, 2nd-grade teacher, Kenowa Hills

Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Prebuilt quizzes and homework for every standard, with remedial resources attached to each question. Students take quizzes, then play videos/games to address knowledge gaps whenever they miss a question.                    or try it out for yourself!

Assessment to Instruction

Track your students' progress, receive detailed results, and assign recommended resources tailored to their areas of need.

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Students can do their assignments in the Common Core Quest app.  Assignments are automatically graded and displayed in their teacher's mastery chart.  Students also can earn badges for passing fun quizzes for each Common Core standard, playing videos and games to learn. 

“They recommend resources so that students get exactly the feedback they need right when they need it! ...as a math teacher I love how it shows kids how close they are to better understanding a topic!”

“Teachers can utilize this simple but effective app for various assessment and learning processes.”

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