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OpenEd, the leading K-12 educational resource library, offers over a million assessments, homework assignments, videos, games, and lesson plans aligned to standards including Next Generation Science, Common Core Math and English Language Arts, TEKS, and many more. We think teachers should be able to find any online resource they need, all in one place, and all organized by what is most effective for students. We also think assessments and homework should be graded automatically to save teachers time. Plus, we sprinkle some OpenEd magic on our resources- for every question a student misses, OpenEd returns a hand-picked, targeted video or game to help the student master that specific concept. That's instant, personalized remediation to help save teachers time!

OpenEd allows teachers to assign a different resource to each student, based on their  assessment results.


OpenEd is an idealistic organization, dedicated to helping teachers and students first and foremost. Therefore, the website and many of the resources on the site are free, and always will be. OpenEd was acquired by ACT, a non profit company, in 2016. As part of ACT, our mission is to not only assess students and identify areas of need, but to actually provide the instructional resources that can help each student master every standard. OpenEd is particularly excited to have created this “assessment to instruction” loop in which students get videos and games automatically recommended to them based on their performance.


OpenEd offers a mastery chart that details the mastery level of each student for an assignments, and even displays the mastery level per each standard if desired. Unlike other classroom analytics, OpenEd's mastery chart suggests specific resources for remediation- suggestions to solve problems, instead of just highlighting problems. Each student receives different recommendations, based on which questions they answered incorrectly. Furthermore, the teacher can even see if students are watching the assigned videos!

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OpenEd was founded in 2012 by Adam Blum, a parent and computer scientist who realized that it was too hard to find quality, standards-aligned online resources for his son. There were just not enough resources out there, and the high quality resources that did exist were not aligned (or worse still, aligned to the wrong standards!). Therefore, the team set out to build the best online resource library for K-12 teachers. Acquired by ACT in 2016, OpenEd is now an ACT Assessment Technologies company.


We are a group of teachers and computer scientists in California. We have a pet-friendly office, love good food, and speak several different languages. Combined, our interests are as different as our team- we've got marathoners, cyclists, ping-pongers, pianists, neuroscientists, kayakers, travelers, coffee connoisseurs, and we've even chased down a mugger outside our office (seriously, check it out). We're always looking for new talent, so if you are as passionate about improving education as we are, click here.



Who what and where is OpenEd??

OpenEd resources are available within many leading educational technology websites and apps.  Teachers can assign OpenEd resources inside of Google Classroom, Renaissance Learning, Chalkable, Agilix Buzz, Schoology, Canvas and dozens of others. If you have an app or LMS, we are happy to give you access to our API for free. We just want to be able to bring all teachers high-quality resources, regardless of which platform they are currently using. So why not add our resources to your app too?

And lastly, don't forget that our app, Common Core Quest, is available to download for free just about anywhere. Check it out!

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