Training and FAQ


Signing Up and Getting Started

+     How to add students to your class

+        Trouble with logging in/password

+        ACT Academy and are free to use

           and most resources are free. How do you do that?

+        How does Academy handle privacy?

+     I can't access Academy from my school

+        How to create a class and default lesson plan

+        How to edit a lesson plan

+        Assigning resources to students

+        About our mastery charts

+        How can students access ACT Academy?

+        Which standards do you support?

+        About ACT Academy homework

+        Where do the assessments come from?

+        What type of questions do you use?

+        Why is a question locked and why can't I edit?

+        What does cloning do?

+        What does publishing do?

+        I am a teacher, but signed up as a student

           (or vice versa)

About Our Content

+     As a parent, how do I add my student?

+     What can I do as a parent?

+     How do I delete a class?

+        How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from Premium?

+        Can I use Academy for my Special Ed students?

+      I'm a Publisher.  How do I list my content?

For IT/Technology Integration

+      Can I set up accounts for teachers?

How do I assign resources to my students? Do students need to have an email? Find these questions and more answered below! If you don't find what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us through the chat bubble within the platform


watch some videos below.

+      Can I set up rosters for teachers?

+      How does Academy work with Learning Management

         Systems (LMS)?

+      Does Academy need anything special to be used with

         Lightspeed or other web filtering software?

+      Does Academy support roster migration?

+      Do you support automated login?

+        Can I create my own assessment or homework?

For Content Partners

+      I don't want my content on Academy. How do I stop it?

+      What if I don't want my content framed?

Getting Started with Academy

In Depth Overview

Inviting Your Students' Parents

Creating Classes and Adding Students

For Parents

+        How does Academy recommend the best resources?

+        Can I have more than one class?

+        How can I change the name, grade, or subject of a


+        What does an assessment look like? Can I try one?

+        A lot of Academy videos are on YouTube but my school

           block it. What can I do?

+        Can quizzes be read out loud?

+        Can Academy be used for English Language Learners?

+        Adding due date, preventing retakes, and pre

           assigning resources

+      Single Sign On- no more remembering


More Resources